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Childhood is all about learning to make and maintain friendships. To some children this comes naturally, to others it can be a challenge.

We lead children on a journey towards overcoming social challenges and social self-discovery through a variety of social skills and friendship groups. We provide social, emotional and behavioral services to children and adolescents within the Denver Metropolitan area.

The Journey

Our curriculum offers children a fun and practical way to learn and practice social skills strategies that have been proven through research to help children connect with their peers and build meaningful relationships. Our social skills instruction focuses almost exclusively on the child and is based around social learning procedures and cognitive-based strategies. These approaches address specific behaviors of our students, teach them alternative methods of interacting with others, and address their internal needs.

We have small groups that meet weekly for 6 weeks to learn and practice social skills. This format allows us to teach skills that build from basic conversation skills to more complex playground interactions. We also have weekly “homework” projects for children and parents that will help them start to form more successful friendships at home and school.

These techniques have been shown to help children avoid rejection, and form fulfilling friendships with peers. Participants learn to share & listen, join in play, collaborate with peers, and resolve conflicts without aggression. We also teach skills like finding common interests, nurturing appropriate friendships, and responding to teasing and bullying.

Who We Work With

We work with preschoolers to 21 year olds. Many of our clients are typically-developing children who feel alienated by peers, struggle to make friends, or experience conflict in social settings. In addition, we work with adopted children, children with ad(h)d, asperger’s, or other issues that can make socialization difficult.

Your Guide

Social Pathways is run by a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Rebecca McCreary, Ed.Sa graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. Before founding Social Pathways in 2010 Rebecca was the Special Services Coordinator For K12; previously, she was a School Psychologist for Littleton Public Schools. She enjoys raising a very social 10 year old girl and a very curious 8 year old boy.